Summer Darkness stops
after 12 amazing editions

Twelve years in a row, starting in 2003, Utrecht turned black one weekend in summer. Like a secret force we took control of the city for 72 hours. But Summer Darkness was more than a music festival; it was a gathering of spirits. Against the magnificent backdrop of the city with its medieval heart, you came in large numbers to meet, enjoy, listen, be yourself, and to show the world that being different is a joy forever. You will all be missed.

For us Summer Darkness was great to work on throughout the year. At Summer Darkness everything was just a bit different. We put a lot of love in it, but received even more from you back in return. We are grateful for that.

So why stop? First and foremost because nothing is -or should be- eternal. We feel that our story has been told, and that continuing will no longer bring us closer to what we strive for. We always had the drive to innovate, to explore new developments, new bands, new sounds and new inspiration.

But too often the same bands played at the festival, and we found that not enough new bands appealing a wider audience emerged. However, more than that we think that our time has come. And we hope that a new generation will find the fire.

Will you miss us? In any case, we will certainly miss you. For us the feeling of gratitude prevails. Gratefulness for those three days a year, for all those thousands of visitors, for the moments that we briefly formed the center of the universe. Fare you well, and who knows....

Dedicated to Eveline Berghuis